Aug 17, 2014

Yes.. you are my love

I read somewhere... इश्क़ धीरे धीरे परवान चढ़ता है.
So I was not in a hurry. When he entered into my life, he was just a partner for me, nothing more than that, our relationship started as most relations do 'I didn't like him'. In the very first month of our relationship we fought number of times, sometimes even twice or thrice a day. Gradually I started hating him. I thought it would be better to give time to each other. I said let’s take a break of a week or two. He didn't answer. And then we didn't see each other for a week. At times I did miss him but I pretended as if I didn’t care. When we met again, he again helped me, he tried his best to impress me, but I don’t know for what reason, but I didn't really want to give a fresh start to us again.
One day I had to search data and prepare a report and submit it on paper. I had little 
time, of about 15 minutes. I was not at all prepared for it and I didn't have access to a computer, I didn't want to give any excuse for not being able to complete my work yet I had no other choice than to think of one. It was then at that moment that I found “My day of Love.”  
I realized that I can use internet to search data and can prepare a report on it only.  It had a function that I can transfer data from it to a pen drive. Yessssssss ….  A pen drive can be attached to it like it can be connected to a desktop or a laptop. I transferred the data and got it printed which resulted in a win-win situation. And that was the first time I kissed it. 

My new found love was none other than my cell phone. Without any showoff it just makes my work eeeeeaaasyyy… as it has a biggggggggg screen, it is there when I need it the most and it also keeps me entertained as a small TV. For me it is just awesome.
And now .. we are living happily with each other.


  1. very nicely written ma'am, could not even imagine of this kind of thing

  2. I was expecting something else.phuss ho gaya pathaka.